Iman Immobiliare
Iman Immobiliare

Iman Immobiliare

Via San Rocco, 32
Ceglie Messapica - Brindisi

+39 0831 382580 +39 333 6358730

IMAN ESTATE comes from a family tradition in the real estate brokerage, the first agency was founded in the 70s by his father.

The son followed his path wishes to consolidate the tradition, giving the agency the family name, thus coining the logo IMAN , which in full means ESTATE ANNESE .

Over the years it has always wanted to keep the same motto: "the conclusion of a good deal must come from a correct relationship, devotion and kindness to both sides." For this to IMAN it is appropriate to say: "it just feels Home."

It sells - Rents:
Apartments -Trulli - Villas - Business activities - Farms

Also Makes Dependable real estate consulting, Experience, Courtesy at your service for information Tel. 0831.382580.

The remarkable success confirmed by the market, consistency, integrity, and reliability of our real estate brokerage activities has given rise to two locations, for a 360-degree customer care.

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