Team is celebrating its first 10 years: a milestone marked by great changes and new encounters, by obstacles and much satisfaction. But above all by an idea that took shape in that distant year of 2008 when Annalisa and Antonio from Le Marche, and Simone from Piemonte, met in London. Three young guys who created a project that has given many international buyers the opportunity to make a dream come true: finding their perfect home in Italy and finally living la dolce vita.

To do so, they left grey, hectic London - where they had moved as many young talented people do these days - and returned to Italy, in Grottammare (Le Marche).

A winning team that has gone from strength to strength every year

Annalisa Simone Antonio Elena
Roberta Chiara Massimo
Silvia Mauro Luca
Marco Valentina
Tina Alessandra Emanuela Angela Elvira
Massimo Maurizio
David Enrico

Auguri, Happy Birthday!

Thank you to our “historic” real estate agencies who, for 10 years, have chosen us as their favourite platform for selling to overseas house hunters and also to the new customers who continue to add themselves to an ever-growing list.

Thank you to the people all over the world who use every day in order to find their dream home in Italy.

Thanks to all of you, has reached this important milestone!