Zoek woningen Marche: 1579

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Huis te koop in  POLLENZA (MC) Premium

Huis te koop in Marche > Macerata > POLLENZA

€ 425.000 Onderhandelbaar Volkomen gerenoveerd – bewoonbaar
  • 216 m², 4 slaapkamers, 3 badkamers
For sale a restored farm house in lovely location just outside the charming town Pollenza close to well known Macerata. The property consists of the restored main building
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Huis te koop in  BORGO PACE (PU) Premium

Huis te koop in Marche > Pesaro Urbino > BORGO PACE

€ 1.500.000 Onderhandelbaar Volkomen gerenoveerd – bewoonbaar
  • 850 m², 7 slaapkamers, 9 badkamers, tuin, zwembad, garage, kelder, balkon
This distinguished historic Locanda, currently a hotel de charme, epitomizes the best of expertise in building techniques, with the ancient-most nucleus dating back to 1450 and the most
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Huis te koop in  SANT'ANGELO IN PONTANO (MC) Premium

Huis te koop in Marche > Macerata > SANT'ANGELO IN PONTANO

€ 549.000 Volkomen gerenoveerd – bewoonbaar
  • 300 m², 3 slaapkamers, 4 badkamers, tuin, balkon
Located on a top of hill with amazing views of the Sibillini Mountains and the ancient villages neighboring, the majestic farmhouse on two levels, tastefully renovated for a
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Huis te koop in  MONTEPRANDONE (AP) Premium

Huis te koop in Marche > Ascoli Piceno > MONTEPRANDONE

€ 200.000 Moet volkomen gerenoveerd worden
  • 300 m², 4 slaapkamers, 2 badkamers, tuin
MONTEPRANDONE (Marche) - For sale farmhouse to renovate in beautiful panoramic position immersed in Italian countryside; 300 sqm on two levels completely to restore. Surrounding land of
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Huis te koop in  MONTEDINOVE (AP) Premium

Huis te koop in Marche > Ascoli Piceno > MONTEDINOVE

€ 700.000 Volkomen gerenoveerd – bewoonbaar
  • 360 m², 5 slaapkamers, 4 badkamers, zwembad, kelder, balkon
Medieval Watchtower in Montedinove, Nr. Montalto delle Marche, Le Marche, Italy - It combines peace and convenience: being just 25 mins from both the beaches and the mountains.La
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Huis te koop in  COSSIGNANO (AP) Premium

Huis te koop in Marche > Ascoli Piceno > COSSIGNANO

€ 525.000 Volkomen gerenoveerd – bewoonbaar
  • 257 m², 5 slaapkamers, 5 badkamers, tuin
Splendid villa in the green hills with B&B LA CASA tua presents a costly renovated country house, which was completed in 2011 to. The interior of the Casolare is
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Huis te koop in  CUPRAMONTANA (AN) Premium

Huis te koop in Marche > Ancona > CUPRAMONTANA

€ 250.000 Onderhandelbaar Enige restauratie
  • 115 m², 3 slaapkamers, 1 badkamer, tuin
Location: magnificent panoramic position with lovely views towards the mountain. A few kilometers from a medieval village with all facilities, about 15 minutes by car from Jesi and
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Huis te koop in  RIPE SAN GINESIO (MC) Premium

Huis te koop in Marche > Macerata > RIPE SAN GINESIO

€ 429.000 Volkomen gerenoveerd – bewoonbaar
  • 200 m², 4 slaapkamers, 4 badkamers, tuin, zwembad
GREAT DEAL!! Typical restored farmhouse built of stone located on a hill with beautiful views of the surrounding countryside and the Sibillini Mountains. The house consists of ground floor with
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Appartement te koop in  PORTO POTENZA PICENA (MC) Premium
  • 44 m², 1 slaapkamers, 1 badkamer
The real estate project Ecocittà in Porto Potenza Picena, in the heart of Marche, offers this beautiful one bedroomed 44 sqm apartment on the first floor with a